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See How You Can Empower Your Style with Jewelry

See How You Can Empower Your Style with Jewelry

See How You Can Empower Your Style with Jewelry

1. Use no more than 3 jewelry pieces

When it comes to jewelry, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing when you pile it all on. You don’t want to overdo it when trying to create a classic look. To look subtle and dainty, a necklace, bracelet, and ring would be the perfect trio.

2. Let only one jewelry piece stand out

Of the three pieces you select to wear, choose one of them to be your stand-out piece. If it’s the necklace, choose more subtle pieces for your bracelet and ring. They should be like the backup singers to your lead. 

3. Make sure you feel comfortable wearing the jewelry piece

Jewelry should make you feel good when you wear it. It should feel effortless, like your own skin. When wearing your jewelry, wear it as if you don’t even notice you have it on. 

4. Choose your jewelry pieces a similar color tone when wearing together

Playing with different types of metals and gems is a wonderful way to try new looks. But when you’re pairing them together, choose jewelry pieces that match in color and tone with one another. For example, if you choose rose gold, make sure each piece you’re wearing is also rose gold. 

5. Own what you are wearing

Confidence is the best thing you can wear next to jewelry of course! So wear it well, choosing pieces that bring out your own inner confidence and power. 

Empower Yourself with k mae Jewelry

Klarissa’s desire to help other women find their potential and feel empowered brought her to creating k mae Jewelry. Every piece is rose gold and an exclusive creation that is inspired by the goddesses throughout time from ancient to modern-day. 

It’s not just about accessorizing but also gaining the love for yourself in choosing things that sparkle to remind yourself of your inner sparkle. These 5 jewelry tips will help you embrace your own individual spirit and power.

Best of all, you can now shop k mae Jewelry’s exquisite rose gold collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more with an extra 10% off for new customers. Get the look for less and love your new subtle, dainty, and classic look!

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