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                 Our Story

At k mae Jewelry, we create beautiful, meaningful rose gold jewelry that’s inspired by powerful women & made to empower women.Because thoughtful jewelry has the power to link us to one another, to boost our confidence, and help us express our true selves.That’s the type of jewelry founder Klarissa had always been looking for. 

As a positive psychotherapist, Klarissa had always been passionate about helping women discover their true potential, feel empowered, and believe they belong. She wanted the rose gold jewelry she wore every day to inspire her to do the same. She wanted to fill her rose gold jewelry collection with gorgeous, timeless pieces that felt personal and significant to her. 

When Klarissa decided to embrace her creativity and pair it with her passion for women’s empowerment, k mae Jewelry was born.Each piece of k mae Jewelry is inspired by goddesses throughout history – both ancient deities and the incredible women around the world fighting their own battles every single day. Each ring, bracelet, and necklace serves as a reminder of the amazing women who came before us, the cherished female relationships we have, and our breathtaking potential. 

We at k mae Jewelry believe that women are meant to be seen, heard, and celebrated. We should be ferocious, unapologetic, and unafraid to own who we really are. 

Wearing k mae Jewelry is a delicate declaration, saying, “This is who I am. I deserve happiness. I’m connected to something great. And my potential is limitless.”

k mae jewelry is exculsively rose gold jewelry!